Publications & Presentations: 1995-2010

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Abraham, F. D. (1995e) Commentary. As virtual participant in the Nonlinear Techniques in Physiological Time Series Analysis, an international workshop with internet participation, 23-27 October, Dresden, Germany. (NTPTSA) NTPTSA URL Germany NTPTSA URL Mirror USA

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pp. 193-204 ( (Also presented at the Winter Chaos Conference of the Blueberry Brain Institute, Puerto Rico, 2006.)

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Abraham, F.D. (2011).  Media Ecology, Globalization, & Emancipation: Beyond the Carnivalesque.  Lumina, 22(1) [PDF].  Keynote at the 33rd Conference of the Philosophical Association of the Visayas and Mindanao, Silliman University & Saint Paul University, 29 May 2010, Dumaguete City, Philippines.  Also at 

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Abraham, F.D., & Abraham, R.H. (in press?)  A very very brief visual introduction to dynamics. Chapter requested for a book by Hector Sabelli and his cabal.  [Upgraded graphics from the WEB and from R.H. Abraham, & C.D. Shaw.]

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