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The Blueberry Brain Institute's
12th Annual Snowflake Conference
Dynamical Systems Thinking in Science and Society

February 25-27, 2005
The Pueblo at East Campus
Springfield College

Springfield, MA, USA

This conference has established a tradition of informality both in style and substance. It is open to metaphoric as well as formal explorations of systems/holistic thinking to science, society, and philosophy, not necessarily in that disorder. It is a small conference and features open discussion.


The Pueblo is a rustic, pueblo-style building in the woods by a lake in Springfield. It affords walks and has a kitchen. This is a small conference, usually about 20 people, so we have plenty of time for longer presentations with lots of discussion. It is very friendly and casual. We range over rather diverse subjects in philosophy, education, research, social applications, and theory. We have been blessed by very bright and innovative participants in the past, and do not doubt the same for this one. This web site is now complete, but changes daily as we add participants, titles, abstracts, and commentary. The parts of this site are (1) this home page (scroll down for list of participants and titles to date), (2) The Snowflake 2005 Newsletter (link above right) for abstracts and commentary, and (3) Local Information page on venue and travel information (link at bottom of this page). There are also links to earlier Winter Conference and Snowflake Newsletters (links above).


We have Rick Paar to thank for obtaining this venue, which was selected for its ease of airport access, its countryside setting, its informal atmosphere, and its low cost. It was chosen from among several candidate venues ranging from Vermont to Puerto Rico. The conference self-organizes; the schedule is not set ahead of time.


The conference will start about 9am Friday the 25th and end mid Sunday the 27th afternoon. For those arriving Thursday, we will find a restaurant for informal dining and conversation after gathering at the Howard Johnson, our lodging a couple of miles away from the Pueblo. There is no registration fee, but we add up the modest costs, and suggest a voluntary sharing (usually in the $25-$50@) at the Sunday lunch.

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The Ecology of Education

Carlos Torre

What’s Revolutionary About NDS and/or Complexity Theory? A Discussion

Jeffrey Goldstein

The Developmental Life Span Theory of Erik Erikson:

A linear or non-linear dynamical systems model ?

Karen Vander Ven

Applying John Holland's model to classroom learning

Charles Nelson

Organic Mathematics or,  "What is the matter with Matter?"
Jerry Chandler

Beauty & The Brain - Hidden Dimensions of Well-Being

Mark Filippi

Research on Class Consciousness:
Building Community in the High School Classroom

Jennifer Drury

Aesthetics and Complex Civic Space
Linda Dennard

Change and Time as it Relates both to the Larger
Theoretical Setting and the Clinical Setting

Frank Mosca

Cyborgs, Cyberspace, Cybersexuality and the
Evolution of Everyday Creativity

Fred Abraham

Chaos and the Dark Night of the Soul:
the Role of Stress in Self-Evolution

Tobi Zausner

Evolution of Intuition & Consciousness

Robin Robinson

Gnostic Mathematical Applications to Financial Analysis

Bob Eldridge

Art and Existentialism in the Panopticon

Judith Nagib

Graph-theoretic Structure of the Connection Graphs of a
Simple Random Graphical Dynamical System Model

Irina Trofimova

Archetypal Dynamics: The Reality Game

Bill Sulis

Music as a Change Agent within Personal, Cultural and Civic Development'

Martin Gardiner

Applying John Holland's model to classroom learning

Charles Nelson

The Nonlinear Drivers of the Creative Process:

Tales from the Trenches of Motion Picture Special Visual Effects

George J. Muhs

Meaning & Perception: A Neuro-occupational View

Ivelisse Lazzarini




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