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Blueberry Brain Institute's
10th Annual Winter Chaos Conference
Dynamical Systems Thinking in Science and Society

February 8-10, 2002
Brattleboro, Vermont USA

This conference has established a tradition of informality both in style and substance. It is open to metaphoric as well as formal explorations of systems thinking to science, society, and philosophy. It is small and features open discussion. 

We anticipate a round table on terrorism. For an introduction to applications of complexity/dynamics concepts to the problem of terrorism, we have abstracted items from Complexity Digest on our web page.

Some Topics

Emergence (Goldstein)

Terrorism & Complexity

Experiential Reality: Mind & Matter (Henkel)

Limitations of Market Forcasting (Eldridge)

Homelessness as Self-Organization (Moffett)

Ontology in an Infinite Universe (Paar)

Nonlinear School Reform (VanderVen, Torre, Maholmes )

Morphotonics: How Life Makes Shape (Filipi)

Schizophrenia, Family, & N-bind Theory (Koopmans)


Deployment of Psychological/Social Services (Nagib)

Psychology of Terrorist Movements (Mosca)


Effects of Music Education on Socialization (Gardiner)

Biologcal and Demographic Nature of Anthrax (Chrisafore)



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