For the Palate:


Friday Evening Banquet
Dalem's Chalet, 7 pm

Potato Leek Soup ($2.75/$3.50)

Fettucine Prima Vera fresh vegetables over pasta ($9.75)
Rouladen filled beef rolls in a zesty sauce ($15.50)
Salmon Filet baked with lemon butter ($15.75)
Baked Chicken Breast in lemon thymne sauce ($13.75)

All except stuffed fettucine include rolls, tossed salad, potato or spatzle,
vegetable or red cabbage

Dessert Optional, choice of three (extra)

add 7% Vt tax; 15% gratuity


Saturday Evening Buffet
Congregational Church, 6:15 pm

Vegetarian Quiche

Chicken with Biscuits

Cookies (~$10)




Sunday Noon Buffet

Dalem's Chalet, 12 Noon

Salads: Tossed Green, Tomato, Cucumber, Potato, Pasta, Fruit
Cold Cuts: Roast Beef, Sliced Roast Turkey, Ham, Cheeses
$15.95 + 7% Vt tax & 15% gratuity


Bon Appetit
Send your choices for Friday and Saturday to Mark 
We assume you will partake of these meals unless you inform us otherwise


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