The Pueblo (Conference Venue)

Springfield College East Campus

701 Wilbraham Raod, Springfield, MA 01109

Tel. 1-413-750-5011

Next to the Springfield College Child Development Center, 715 Wilbraham Road Springfield, MA 01109

(see maps/directions below)




We are suggesting using the Howard Johnson Express Inn of Springfield, MA. They have quoted us discount rates and it will facilitate sharing cars to shuttle to the Pueblo, our meeting house on the east campus of Springfield College.


Howard Johnson Express Inn

1356 Boston Road, Springfield, MA 01119, tel. 413 783-2111

Rates quoted (Ask for Marcy, Assistant Manager who quoted us these rates):

1 bed regular: $55+tax

1 bed king: $60+tax

2 beds regular: $66+tax

Marcy says we might get even better rates from Expedia or Travelocity. Charles Nelson checked with them and got a quote of $44.25.

Map Quest or Howard Johnson web sites should be able to provide good maps and routes.


Arrivals & Transportation


We will post arrival information here so that those arriving at the airport (Hartford/Springfield about a 45 min drive) might share rental cars, or get picked up by those driving.


There will be enough folks driving so that those who do not have a car can shuttle between motels, restaurants, and the Pueblo (the conference venue) with those of us who will have our cars.


Flight/train arrivals:


Robin:                   Feb. 23 Wednesday 5:09 p.m (rental car)

Bob Porter:          Feb 24 Thursday at 03:58 PM US Airways flight 1219    arrive BDL airport

Jerry Chandler:  Feb 24  Thursday 1:34 pm BDL  United Airlines 7696 (Operated by United Express/Chautauqua) Embraer 170

Linda Dennard:  Feb. 23 Wednesday; sharing car with Robin.

Tobi Zausner:     Feb. 24 Thursday 5:50 (from NYC, departing 2:20 pm), arrive Springfield bus station.


Those driving: please advise me if you can meet any of the Thursday arrivals. I plan on doing it myself otherwise.


Maps and Directions


To the Howard Johnson Express from I91


Here is a link to directions and map from I91 coming from the south to the Howard Johnson Express. Coming from the north should be an easy equivalent. Or do your own MapQuest search.


Directions and Maps to the Pueblo


Below are Rick Paar’s directions for getting to the Pueblo from the Howard Johnson Express, and from I91. There are also links to MapQuest directions from the Howard Johnson and I91, which may differ slightly from Rick’s. They take you to the Springfield College Child Development Center on 715 Wilbraham Road, Springfield MA 01109 which is very near the entrance to the Pueblo. Note that the MapQuest directions and maps that have been ported to this site have links to expansion maps and have interactive maps. Those links will work while you are online.


To the Pueblo from Howard Johnson Express:


Turn left onto Boston Road, go about .1 mile.

At traffic light, take a right onto Parker St.

Stay on Parker Street for about 2 miles.

At 3rd (or so) traffic light turn right onto Wilbraham Road.

Go about a mile, you will see Western New England College on your left.

There is a traffic light just past the college. Go thorough it.

Go about ¾ mile, at bottom of a gentle hill, on the left is Springfield College Child Development Center (white building, looks like a chapel).

10 yards past that is a drive to the left with a sign, Springfield College Eastern Campus.

You are there.


For an alternate, equivalent route, you can do a MapQuest from the HJE, 1356 Boston Road, Springfield, MA 01119to the Springfield College Child Development Center, 715 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA 01109. You get a pretty map that way. From that map, it looks like if you use Paar’s directions above, that the HJE is close to the intersection of US20 and MA21, and Parker must be MA21 going south to Wilbraham where you would turn right.


To the Pueblo from I91:


Take the I291 exit, go to the Page Blvd/East Springfield exit (may be identified as either or both).

Merge onto Page Boulevard going west.

At 1st traffic light (~2 miles), turn left onto Roosevelt Avenue.

Go through an industrial park, with a Smith & Wesson outfit on the right.

After about a mile, there is the American International College.

At the next traffic light, turn left onto Wilbraham Road.

After ~½-3/4 mile there is a lake on the right.

Just after the lake is the Springfield College East Campus sign.

Go up that drive.


For MapQuest alternate route coming up I91 northward to the Child Development Center, then go 10 yds more as in Rick Paar’s directions above.


For those coming from the north down I91 (myself; Bill & Irina?), the directions are the same.



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