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Blueberry Brain Institute's
11th Annual Winter Chaos Conference
Dynamical Systems Thinking in Science and Society

March 12-14, 2004
Stony Creek, CT, USA

This conference has established a tradition of informality both in style and substance. It is open to metaphoric as well as formal explorations of systems/holistic thinking to science, society, and philosophy, not necessarily in that disorder. It is a small conference and features open discussion. 

The conference will start about 9am Friday the 12th and end mid Sunday the 14th afternoon. For those arriving Thursday, we will designate a restaurant or lodge for informal dining and conversation. The sessions will be in Jeffrey Goldstein’s home. There is no registration fee, but we add up the modest costs, and suggest a sharing at the Sunday lunch, usually in the $25+/@ ballpark.


Some Suggested Topics

Creativity (John Briggs & John Amoroso)

Scintillae of Light: Chaos Theory and Alchemy (Robin Robertson)

Humor & Pathos in Prison (Judith Nagib)

Logical relations among the sciences: use of commutative diagrams (Jerry Chandler)

Ontology of Humanity as Dialogical (Frank Mosca)

Genealogy of Mind (Ben Goertzel)

Chaos at the Center of Creativity: Experiences in the Creation of Visual Art
(Tobi Zausner) 

The Breaking of the Old Science or Old Habits are Hard to Break (Bob Porter) 

Evolution: Convergent or Divergent? (Dick Bird) 

 The Extended Self: Dynamics of Nonlocal Individuality (Mark Filippi)

Mathematics of Archetypal Dynamics (William Sulis)

Emergence Inspired Metaphysics (Goldstein)

Perceptual Demonstrations: Implications for Knowledge and Emergence (Tom Malloy)

Reframing the Theory-Practice Issue in Teacher Preparation (Karen VanderVen)

Toward Nonlinear Curricula (Doris Fromberg)

Biologic systems, entropy, and a stroll through phase space (George Muhs)

What is information? Information is a dynamical system (Don Booker)

ETHOS: The Organic Intellectual (Linda Dennard)

Some Philosophic Traditions for Dynamics (Fred Abraham)




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