The Dynamics of Culture Fredick David Abraham, 2010)
Horace B. Sillimn Lecture, Silliman University, 26 May 2010.
            Published 2011,
Silliman Journal, 52(2), 163-183. 

Media Ecology, Globalization, & Emancipation: Beyond the Carnivalesque (© Frederick David Abraham 2010)
          Keynote at the 33rd Conference of the Philosohical Association of the
            Visayas and Mindanao, Silliman University & Saint Paul Uninversity
            29 May 2010, Dumaguete City, Philippines.  Published 2011,:
            Lumina, 22(1)

Hook: Critical Psychology: A Commentary Review in progress by Frederick David Abraham.

 Brief Comment on Gregory Nixon’s Hollows of Experience: Derrida (© Frederick David Abraham 2010)

Not Merely Linnaeus it Seems  & other poems (© Neil Edwards various dates)

Toward a Post Human Metaphysic (© Peter Plagge)

Cybersexuality (© Frederick David Abraham)

Derrida: A Conversation in Memorium (© Fred Abraham et al.)

Operationism Review (© Frederick David Abraham)

Topoi & Transformation (© Frederick David Abraham)

Chao-Footnotes to Kristeva’s Semiotics (© Frederick David Abraham)

Xaos at the Xrossroads A virtual Panel Discussion (© Fred Abraham et al.)

Tribes of the Internet With David Houston (old, never finished)

Barabási Links Comments per chapter, by fred

Sophia The courage to become wise (© Frederick David Abraham)

A Sense of Wonder by Robin Robertson (© Robin Robertson)

Reply: The Berezin-Protagoras-Abraham Correspondence (© Fred Abraham)

Commentary: Reply to R. W. Smith’s Aberrant Common Sense

Darkness at the Bifurcation Point Dialectic for James L. Frank (© Fred Abraham)

Briggs & Peat: Seven Life Lessons of Chaos Fred's Testimonial

Chaos Theory and the Postmodern Internet With Olga Mitina & David Houston
    (prepublication version in English for article in Russian in Computerra)


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