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FLASH BULLETIN re lodging  lodging info: Scroll down or click here

Hi Folks,

The Lake Tarpon Resort has informed us that they are sold out for our weekend and need to release the last few rooms they are holding for us by Friday, March 5th.  If you are planning on coming and haven't made your reservations yet, you will need to do so right away.  Remember, it is the height of the season down here and if our hotel is sold out others close by will be also.

Sincerely, Charlie Deppish 813 458-5816 <>


One of the reasons things are sold out is that the PGA is in town.  Great golf in Tarpon!  Rumors are that Tiger may drop by.

Just FYI.


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Participants, Please:

Take care of your lodging (details below), and those that have not yet, get your titles, abstracts, fresh photos in to Fred or post on Implexi Mundi

Conference Fees

We have estimates on costs which amount to about $50 per person for the conference room, and $17 per day for lunch and snacks at breaks. Dinners (est ~$25 per eve), any museum tour ($8) or other activities will be pay as you go. We will have group dinners. The snack cost for the Thursday eve reception is $10.

18th Annual
Winter Chaos Conference

Dynamical Systems Thinking in Science, Education, the Humanities, and Society

March 19-21, 2010
Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA

Dr. Robert Porter, Coordinator
Frederick David Abraham, Asst. Coordinator Program & Web


This conference has established a tradition of informality both in style and substance that features open discussion and mutually respectful interactions among participants. It is open to metaphoric as well as formal explorations of systems/integrative thinking into science (including psychological, social, biological disciplines, mathematical, and logical disciplines), education, the humanities, society, and philosophy. We range over rather diverse subjects in philosophy, education, research, social applications, and theory. Whether based on presenters’ published materials or works-in-process presented for feedback and collaborations, we have been fortunate to have been exposed to so many fresh, innovative, often ground-breaking, ways of approaching and/or perceiving the world around us. This web site can change on any day as we add participants, titles, abstracts, and commentary. The parts of this site are (1) this home page (scroll down for list of participants and titles to date), and (2) The Snowflake 2009 Newsletter is now replaced by our Implexi Mundi web site, (link above right; you will have to register to cruise through the abstracts/articles, commentaries, and pictures of the participants. There are also links to earlier Winter Conferences and Snowflake Newsletters. The conference self-organizes; the schedule is sketched out at the beginning of the conference but adjusted at times.  Dynamical Systems includes not only dynamics, but other approaches in complexity and integrative science, art, and the humanities.


The meetings will be at: Lake Tarpon Resort. Scroll down or click here for Lodging/Travel Information below


Since we start Friday morning, remember to book for Thursday night if you can’t get there by 8:30 AM Friday.


Call for Presentations
To submit titles and abstracts or make inquiries, contact:
dr. robert porter and

 9/27/2009: Bob Porter writes:

Greek food. Island evening dinner cruise.
Sponge dock shopping.  Antiquing.  High quality Florida kitsch and knickknacks! Heated pool.
All sorts of amenities.  Come early and leave late for a wonderful winter vacation.  Only a short drive from Tampa Airport. Chamber of Commerce: Also see it on GoogleEarth



(some are tentative; click titles for abstracts)

Enrico Wensing Complexity Leadership for Global Sustainability

Martin Gardiner Consciousness and its relationship to Learning: a Functional Approach

Jerry Chandler The Contemporary Rosetta Challenge: Spanning the Gap between the Exact Sciences
Jerry Chandler Semiotic Relations

George Muhs  A Metaphoric Scripting Language for Describing Complex Interactions

Neil & Eva Edwards

Karen VanderVen Beautiful Seashells: Patterns, Shapes, Mathematics and Non-linearity: Their Pedagogical and Scientific Applications.

Roulette Smith Why the notion of competition in game theory and the Nash equilibrium fundamentally are unsuitable for studies of peace, common sense behavior and/or cooperation

Louise Sundararajan & Chulmin Kim [Cancelled due to family medical problems]
Semiotics of Emotion, with Implications for the Writing Cure

Linda Dennard Coming late, will kibitz; complexity in education, ethics, her novels, poetry, philosophy

Linda Alford Looking for Dragons in Kansas [Interactions among living nonhuman systems, cognitive systems, and virtual systems]

Linda Chamberlin Addiction: The Collapse of Complexity -- An Open Discussion

Weili Luo The Ground State of Consciousness

Thanashs Argyrioy Individual-environmental interactions that involve symbols and collective social knowledge

Carlos Torre Teaching Medicine in High school and College

Hector Sabelli Bios: empirical studies and mathematical theory of Creative Processes [abstract] [paper]

Robert M. Galatzer-Levy The Uses of Non-linear dynamics in Psychoanalysis

SAM LEVEN cancelled due to late breaking trip to China
I Bio Semiotics of Value
II All Politics
& EconomicsIs Local First

Mark Filippi The Tyranny of Temes [Social media and ways it has impacted our behavior]

Bill Huitt [virtual participant on dissociation of scientific evidence on dynamics of education and practice; see Implexi Mundi] [see related item on dissociation between science and psychotherapy on Implexi Mundi.]

Bob & Connie Eldridge [auditing/kibitzing, and maybe some commentary on current economics and his investment project?]

Bob Porter Mutuality, Mindfulness, and Mentalizing in Psychotherapy: A New, Nonlinear, Psychodynamics?

Fred Abraham Discrete vs Continuous Neuro-cognitive, Semiotic, & Mathematical Modelling

Half-day chao-semiotic binge:

The Evolution of Signs, from Cuneiform to Perplexity: Semiotics taken from the Silver Peirce Arrow

Jerry Chandler: Semiotic Relations plus Exactness in Chemistry and Mathematics and including
Intentionality in Synthetic Symbol Systems; Implications for a Universal Language

Sam Leven: Semiotics of Value

Fred: Continuous vs Discrete Dynamical modelling of Dynamical Neural and Cognitive & Semiotic Aspects of Language (or not)

Thanasis: Individual-Environmental Interactions That Involve Symbols & Collective Social Knowledge

Extra Session: Sunday afternoon. Those participating so far:

Jerry, Mark, Karen, Thanasis, Bob Porter, Bob Eldridge, Martin, George, Linda Chamberlin, Linda Dennard, Enrico, Weili, & moi (fred)

All are welcome. Other area activities can be scheduled or Thursday before the conference (in addition to the reception Thursday eve), and Monday after the conference.


Lodging, Travel, & Dining


From Bob Porter, Conference Chair, and Charlie Deppish, our Operations Coordinator:

Hello Snowflakers and Spongers:
Here are some instructions and choices on making your hotel reservations. The sooner the better folks.
By Phone, all you have to do is call and ask for a reservation for the Chaos Conference March 18th - 21st.  They have all the information including our rates and will be able to book you easily.
Toll Free:  866/328-Lake (5253)
Direct:      727/942-0358
Fax:         727/938-9826

Online you go to and follow the step-by-step instructions at the bottom of the page.  They will ask you for a promo code. Our promo code is Chaos.  The promo code will specify to them our confirmed rate and choices.  Included in the instructions is a comments and request box.  The resort has requested that you also write Chaos in this box as a safe guard that your reservation gets listed correctly.  This box is also where you would request a smoking room.

On the reservation page there is also a link, in the right column, to make reservations by filling out an email form. 

If you have any thoughts about the desirability of coming early or leaving late, I STRONGLY advise IN FAVOR of it.  The area is charming and relaxing,  There are wonderful antique shops in Tarpon Springs, great "Florida Tourist" shops in the sponge dock areas, and easy access to Busch Gardens, the Lowery Park Zoo (one of the top family zoos in USA), and the Florida Aquarium...not to mention Hard Rock Cafe and Seminole Indian Casino.  LOTS to do, or just enjoy relaxing in the sun.
If enough people ask for it, I will organize a before or after conference confab to extend the chaos another day or so.
Feel free to contact me or Charlie with any thoughts or questions.

Bob, the flaky sponge

Please also tell us if you wish to locate a roommate for the conference and if so for which dates. Fred is looking for a roommate, preferably one coming early and/or staying late (Wed-Tues).


 Also see proposal conference schedule and prices by Lake Tarpon Resort as proposed earlier to Bob.

You can take a peek at the resort and map it if you enter Lake Tarpon Resort into Google Earth,
which is a must download if you don't already have it on your computer.


The Conference runs Thursday the 18th evening until noonish at least Sunday eve, the 21st . Unless you are driving from nearby, you should schedule your arrival for Thursday eve or earlier for our opening reception, and to be sure to be at our 8:30 AM start Friday.                         Return to top   Go to Participants






Travel: Tampa International Airport TPA

For purposes of coordinating travel, here are some FLIGHT ARRIVALS OF PARTICIPANTS:


Image on left is by Nicolas Desprez (aka Chaoscope)
Image on the right is by Clint Sprott
Image at top is Tarpon Springs 1926 (net source; can't find it)

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