The Synergistic Dynamics of
Art, Mathematics, & Science
An Interdisciplinary International School Project

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If you wish to participate in any way, or comment on this project, please use the following form to do so. If you are a teacher or school administrator, please so indicate. If you are a student, please fill out all the personal information requsted. Send a small picture of yourself as a .gif or .jpg file if you can. If you are a school or teacher wishing for your school or class to participate, please so indicate in the comment section. Please feel free to develop components of the project that you feel the rest of the participants might be interested in. You can create your own web sites, or send your html files to us to get projects included. If you have, or know of, related sites to which we should provide links, please let us know, by email or by using this report form. Participating schools may submit photos (as .gif or .jpg files, we can convert other formats if necessary, or by mail) of their school or of groups of participating students. Others wishing to make comments or suggestions may skip or include personal information at their option. We welcome participation and suggestions.

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