T-shirts of the Chaos Society, Silliman University, created by Luel de Jesus from figures chosen by members of the SU Chaos Society, with a periodic attractor taken from Sprott's book, Strange Attractors, and a Mandelbrot Set taken from the manual on Yorke's Dynamics (a computer program). The photo was taken with a digital camera at Sprott's home while Fred was visiting, September 1998, the University of Wisconsin for lecturing and research. (J. C. Sprott on the viewer's left.)
Fred is collaborating with Sprott and Deborah Aks, preparing a computer program for a time perception experiment. The SU Chaos Society and SU Psychology students may collaborate on this research second  semester, 1998, and Fred's visit to UW was to facilitate the preparation of this experiment for use at SU as well as the UW. A cross-cultural aspect is desirable to determine if there are cultural and environmental influences on the perception of time as a function of visual stimulus dynamical complexity. A definition of phenomenal space of the complexity of the strange attractors used as stimuli from Sprott's attractor generators, along with the perception of aesthetics, also needs to be developed.