The Objectives

Our Course in Special Topics in Psychology at Silliman University in The Philippines, is Developing a research project evaluating curricular and career choice as a function of gender, child rearing, family style, attribution,ego strengh, and other personality and demogaraphic factors.Traditional values and culture are in a state of very rapid transition in the Philippines, and these place great demands on students planning for a role in a culure of such rapid change. The study started with a questionnaire, and is now attempting to evaluate how students attitudes will change as a function of disscussions globally on the internet with other students from around the world and locally with focus groups in their classes.

A second and optional level ,is to collect and analyze data in a fashion similar to ours (administer the questionnaires with typical analyses), and also ethnograpic narrative evaluation of internet protocols and focus group - psycharda - summaries), providing greater cross cultural meaningfullnessof results. Since we are in the pilot stage of doing this work, this second level is not so critical but is available to those who might have an interest to pursue.