ITEMISBNPublisher's Tel. No.COST
Yellow Book0-942344-09-x(418) 454-9030$25
Chaos in Psych (hard cover)0-313-28961-1(800) 225-5800$75
Chaos in Psych (paperback)0-275-95140-5(800) 225-5800$33
Discount to SCTPLS memberson booksnot postage10%
MailUSA Priority1$ @ extra copy$3
MailCanada1$ @ extra copy$5
MailAir Europe2$ @ extra copy$12
MailAir Pacific/Asia4$ @ extra copy$15
MailSurface Europe2$ @ extra copy$7
MailSurface Pacific/Asia2$ @ extra copy$8
Your Name:
Address (1st line):
Address (2nd line):
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Number Yellow Books wanted:
Number Choas books wanted (hard):
Number Choas books wanted (soft):
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