Simulation of Models, Research Design, & Data Analysis
in Nonlinear Research
A Computer-Laboratory Workshop

Frederick David Abraham

A Workshop for the SCTPLS’ 12th Annual Convention
Portland, August 1, 2002

This workshop will concentrate on using a few basic computer programs for the simulation of models (Berkeley Madonna) and for data analysis in nonlinear work (Santis), and possibly others. The calibration of analytic techniques includes the exploration of parameters of analysis, the use of Monte Carlo methods, and the running of known models. Analyses will include dimensional analysis, attractor reconstruction, and recurrence plots. This is a not so tough intermediate level, and does not require much mathematical background. It will be almost entirely done via computer exercises. A basic introduction to dynamics is assumed, similar to parts I, II, & III of the introductory workshop given at the SCTPLS’s 11th annul convention last year [basic dynamics workshop 2001 outline] or to those found in Abraham, Abraham, & Shaw (1990), Abraham & Gilgen (1995), or other papers of mine or R.H. Abraham’s books on visual dynamics.

January 31, 2002