Cybersexuality ( Fred Abraham)

Kristeva: Brief commentary ( Fred Abraham)

Derrida: A Conversation in Memorium ( Fred Abraham et al.)

Operationism Review ( Fred Abraham et al.)

Topoi & Transformation ( Fred Abraham et al.)

Chao-Footnotes to Kristevan Semiotics ( Fred Abraham et al.)

Xaos at the Xrossroads A virtual Panel Discussion ( Fred Abraham et al.)

Tribes of the Internet With David Houston (old, never finished)

Sophia The courage to become wise ( Fred Abraham et al.)

A Sense of Wonder by Robin Robertson ( Robin Robertson)

Reply: The Berezin-Protagoras-Abraham Correspondence ( Fred Abraham)

Commentary: Reply to R. W. Smith’s Aberrant Common Sense

Darkness at the Bifurcation Point Dialectic for James L. Frank ( Fred Abraham)

Briggs & Peat: Seven Life Lessons of Chaos Fred's Testimonial

Chaos Theory and the Postmodern Internet With Olga Mitina & David Houston
    (prepublication version in English for article in Russian in Computerra)


Everday Creativity and New Views of Human Nature:

Psychological, social, and Spiritual Perspectives.

June, 2007. APA. Flier announcement.

Contributors include  Mike Arons, James Averill, Allan Combs, Riane Eisler, Sally Goerner,

Stanley Krippner, David Loye, Steven Pritzker, Ruth Richards, Mark Runco, David Schuldberg,

Louise Sundararajan, and Tobi Zausner.

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