Stowe Hollow Ranch House
    68 Upper Hollow Road
     Stowe, Vermont

2-acre residential site in beautiful Stowe Hollow
huge space for gardening

Fred Abraham, Owner
  802-244-8104; please also mail


Available:  3-bedroom Upstairs and 1-bedroom downstairs apartments

Rear View June 14, 2007: Lupin & Irises in rock garden

Rear View: Small 2-bedroom apartment below left;
Small 1-bedroom apartment below right;
Utility/Furnace room upper left, with washer & dryer;
Large 3-bedroom apartment, remainder of upper level.
In foreground is large garden plot with great soil.

Front View: June 14, 2007
Entry to 3-bedroom apartment center;
Entry to apartment, mudroom on right, and utility/laundry room.

View from Street                                For interior views click here

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Scroll down for interior views.

shrh3 liv room 3in 2016-05-09 09.47.10

shrh3 bed-bath rooms 3in 2016-05-09 09.46.48

shrh3 lv room corner 3in 2016-05-09 09.46.29

shrh3 kitchen 3in 2016-05-09 09.46.39

shrh3 bed-bath rooms angle 3in 2016-05-09 09.46.54

shrh3 entry 3in 2016-05-09 09.46.17


Updated: 29 August 2016